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Specializing in adults and adolescents who may be struggling with anxiety, depression, communication challenges, and issues of loss through death, divorce or abandonment


Sally Geckeler offers services for both adults and adolescents. She prefers to work with individuals 13 years old and above. She works diligently to assess the client’s needs and goals quickly to develop the best plan for therapy and resolution to current presenting problems. She does not offer couples therapy however she is willing to bring in a spouse for collaborative work if the current client desires their spouses participation in their therapy. Sally has a network of therapists she works with in referring out for couples as well as child therapy. Her main areas of expertise include:

Anxiety, phobias and panic attacks

Depression and sadness

Anger management

Communication challenges

Co-dependency and boundaries

Relationship concerns and confusion

Self esteem and personal growth patterns

Loss and bereavement



Sexual abuse and trauma

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Destructive family dynamics

Shame and Forgiveness

Loss of faith and spiritual questioning

Divorce and emotional wounds

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